Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hollywood's Most Prolific Actors

Some actors are know for their roles in a couple big movies like Mark Hamill or Ralph Machio. Others make many movies and have a successful career with a string of blockbusters like Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, or Russell Crowe. The third group are in different category because they have been in an insane amount of movies. Some of these actors like Morgan Freeman seem to be in almost every movie you see.

Below is a list of some of the actors that have been in over 50 movies. I got this data from IMDB as of today's date. I know some of these actors have also worked as directors and producers of movies, but these numbers are just for films they have acted in. The numbers may be slightly skewed since some of the films they are credited for may be TV shows or video games or a guest appearance on the Simpsons, but at least you can get an idea of the scope of work they've been involved in over the years. I did not intend to exclude actresses, so don't take offense If you are looking for Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts (neither of which have been in over 50 movies). Here are some of the actors who have been in at least 50 movies.

The 50 + Club
Steve Martin-55
Sylvester Stallone-55
Tom Hanks-56
Harrison Ford-59
Tim Robbins-60
Brad Pitt-61
George Clooney-62
Keanu Reeves-63
Dustin Hoffman-63
Nicholas Cage-64
Clint Eastwood-66
Val Kilmer-67
Liam Neeson-71
Jack Nicholson-71
Jerry Lewis-72
Humphrey Bogart-76
Spencer Tracy-78
Bruce Willis-79
Ben Stiller-83
Kurt Russell-85
Morgan Freeman-87
Robin Williams-88
Sean Connery-89
Jackie Chan-99

The 100 + Club
Gene Hackman-100
Anthony Hopkins-104
Samuel Jackson-120
Charleton Heston-126
Robert Duvall-132
Klaus Kinsky-135
Michael Caine-139
James Earl Jones-170
John Wayne-170
Christopher Lee-264
Mickey Rooney-320

Congratulations to Mickey Rooney for being the most prolific actor I could identify. Maybe being a manipulated childhood star does have its rewards after all. I'm sure I have missed some obvious ones so if anyone comes to mind list them in the comment section.


Anonymous said...

Dennis Hopper has 203.

Anonymous said...

Check out Luiz Guzman. The guy has been in EVERYTHING!

Bucky said...
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Bucky said...

Martin Sheen 226

Anonymous said...

Harry Dean Stanton, duhhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

Check Out Richard Riehle 258 Movies And Still Counting.

Tom said...

Thanks for al the input Anonymous friends.

Swag said...

John Leguizamo appears to show up everywhere. He's been in +75 movies, not to mention many tv shows and his own broadway shows.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Chan has been in 150+ movies

Anonymous said...

Nowhere close to the record.
The record actor is at 1039 titles.
Can anyone guess?

But, I'm shocked that Rooney beat Moe Howard (238)

Tom said...

Who has over 1,000? Please tell.

Anonymous said...

John Carradine has 340

Mel Blanc 1039

Anonymous said...

Danny Trejo...269! An awesome badass!

timothy sorenson said...

Nazeer Jarhada woieiwue
an indian actor 1000+

clogans1 said...

Christopher Plummer, over 200!

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Kingram417 said...

Oliver Hardy (from Laurel and Hardy) has 417 appearances.

gordon lindsay said...

Mel Blanc 1137

Tony Cristaldi said...

If you want to talk about both movies and television, then Charles Lane has to be in the conversation.

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