Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tribute to Don LaFontaine

In a world of movie trailers....

I love movie trailers. Sometimes sitting through 10-15 minutes of previews before a movie starts can be more enjoyable than the feature you came to see. If I'm late to a movie and miss the previews then it is hard to have the ideal movie viewing experience. Whenever someone mentions movie trailers the name Don LaFontaine comes to mind. He is the most celebrated voice man for movie previews and has narrated thousands of movie trailers during his career.

I've seen several interviews with him and he said he'd actually make up the lines for most of his trailers. He's famous for his thunderous deep voice and starting his trailers with phrases like "In a World..., One Man..., In a time..., "etc. Last year I came across a YouTube link by comedian Pablo Francisco where he does a great job of impersonating him. I also saw a funny preview for Comedian which makes fun of his trademark style.

This year I noticed that Don had a new Geico commercial so I was surprised a few months ago when I learned that he had passed away. A voice like his is hard to replace. I thought as a tribute to him I'd post the above mentioned links. Thanks for all the previews.

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