Friday, December 24, 2010

Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy is a sequel to the 1982 original. It continues the story of Kevin Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges, as he is trapped in a computer world. Flynn created a program named CLU to help him manage the virtual world, but it turns against him and keeps him captive. Flynn's son comes to rescue him after he's been missing for years. I was looking forward to the Matrix-like concept behind Tron Legacy, but I have mixed feelings about this movie.

The Pros- Jeff Bridges is kind of like a mellowed out hippie zen master in this movie as opposed to a tech-nerd. Bridges has been great in everything I've ever seen him in and can't seem to do wrong lately. Olivia Wilde plays Fynn's helper Quorra. She has the naive mentality of a child like Robot, but her looks make up for it. This movie is visually entertaining and has some really cool special effects.

The Cons- I didn't like Sam Flynn who was played by Garrett Hedlund. He seemed like a rebellious, spoiled punk so I had a hard time rooting for him. They used CGI to make a younger version of Bridges to play the villain. It was kind of cool, yet looked creepy and lifeless at the same time, like all the characters in the Polar Express. Also for some reason during the movie, I kept having subliminal flashbacks of Scare Crow and Mrs. King.

You may hear some people belly ache about how the plot was weak, but most people aren't going to see it for the plot. I went to see Tron for the visual effects and I think it delivered in that area. I give Tron Legacy 7.2 stars.  Now if you will excuse me, I need to go velcro a frisbee on the back of my shirt.

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