Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jonah Hex

There seems to be no shortage of DC Comics characters I have never heard of that have movies made about them. I can now add Jonah Hex to the list. Jonah Hex had  a sort of Wild Wild West feel to it with modern technology and contraptions that were toned down for the mid 1800's.

This movie takes place just after the Civil War. Jonah Hex is a confederate soldier and his commanding officer turns on him and kills his wife and family, then disfigures him and leaves him for dead. Hex is healed by Indians and then becomes a bounty hunter until he learns that the man who killed his family is still alive. He then sets out for revenge.

The casting for this movie felt strange. Josh Brolin played Jonah Hex, but there was not much to his character. He's just an angry half dead dude out for revenge, Megan Fox plays his prostitute friend. John Malkovich is type cast as the usual crazy villain and Will Arnet seemed miscast in this movie as a Union army commander.

Jonah Hex is pretty violent and features a heavy metal soundtrack. That combination along with Megan Fox makes me think it is targeted to teenage boys. The movie is not very memorable and I don't imagine anyone would be impressed with it, unless they had a role in the movie. I give it 5.4 stars.

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MikkSolo said...

No desire to see this one. Even less after your reveiw

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