Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Movie Title Runs

I have seen several movies lately, but I'm just not in the mood to write a review. Instead I'd like to introduce you to a movie game. Try to combine and string together as many movie titles as you can. I'd like to see what you come up with.

GladiaTora Tora Tora (2)
ArmegeDon Juan de Marco (2)
Groundhog Day of the Jackal (2)
National Treasure Island of Doctor Moreau (3)
Clear and Present Dangerous LiaSons of Provo (3)
The Empire Strikes Back to the Future 3 Men and a Baby Genius (4)
Van HelSinging in the Rain Man on Fire Starter (5)
Lost in Space CowBoys of Summer School of Rock Star Man For All SeaSons of Provo (7)

Add any suggestions in the comment section.


MikkSolo said...

This post intrigued me. One of your best.

The Mask of Zorro the gay Blade:Trinity is still My name is Bruce AlMighty Joe Young at Heartbreak Hotel for Dogs of War of The Worlds fastest Indian in the cupboard(17)

The Mask
Mask of Zorro
Zorro the gay blade
Trinity is still my name
My name is Bruce
Bruce almighty
Mighty Joe Young
Young at heart
Heartbreak hotel
Hotel for dogs
dogs of war
War of the Worlds
The worlds fastest Indian
Indian in the cupboard

Chaka said...

Holy cow!. You put me to shame. I will have to do some homework this weekend and come up with something better than 7.

Chaka said...

Somewhere in Time BandIts a Wonderful Life of Brians Song of the South Park

Chaka said...

Fanny and Alexander the Great EsCape Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas VacatiOn Her Majestys Secret Service.

Chaka said...

The God Father of the Bride of Frankenstein Meets the WolfManchurian CandiDate Night CrosSinging in the Rain Man on Fire Wallace and Grommit.

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