Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Iron Man 2

It's a good thing I went to see Iron Man 2 this week becuase I was within days of losing my movie reviewer license since I hadn't posted for so long. I'm sure this will be one of the biggest summer movies, but it's easy to be let down with sequels so I was prepared to be dissapointed. Overall I thougth IM2 was pretty good. The story was only okay, so I'd like to focus more on the characters or actors.

I liked Robert Downey Jr's performance. Despite being mega rich, super intelligent, and owning several Iron Man suits, he also has some glaring personality flaws and weaknesses. I kind of appreciate seeing that side of the hero, instead of a perfect person.

I thought Mickey Rourke was awesome as the villain and stole the show. He is disturbing and mysteriousin in this movie. That dude is just nasty in many ways. The scene when he's sitting in jail in his underwear comes to mind.

I was expecting Scarlet Johansson to be a villain too, but she ended up being one of the good guys. I still can't buy her as being a tough chick who can take out 15 guys, but her stunt double did a great job with the lucha libre skills.

I liked Don Cheadle more than Terrence Howard as Col Rhodes, but I didn't care for him having his own Iron Man suit. Sam Rockwell and Gary Shandling did a good job at portraying the obligatory coprporate and political weasels which are so frequently behind the scenes in movies. I could care less for Pepper Potts and didn't think she contributed anything to this movie.

I'm not a comic book guy so the whole Nick Fury thing was over my head. Samuel Jackson got about as much screen time as Stan Lee's Larry King cameo. The action scene finale was a little too over the top, but what do you expect from an action/super hero movie? Overall, Iron Man 2 is entertaining with great special effects and unfortunately, that is all many people look for these days in a movie. I give it 7.1 Stars.

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MikkSolo said...

Glad to see you back "Movie Guy." YOur going to have to get on the ball with all the SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS coming out this year. Actually, I think this summer is a bit week on movies to look forward to. However, next year should be great! check out to see what I mean. Liked IM2. Not as much as the first. Col Rhodes, in my opinion, was better than Don Cheadle who is too wimpy for that role. That Character later becomes "Warhammer" and is part of the AVENGERS. Another Marvel project in the works. Looks like IRONMAN is going to only be a consultant to the Avengers. I LOVE how they are tying all the Marvel movies together and even the little teaser sceenes at the end of theses movies. How else would I know who the "Key Grip" was for IM2?

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