Sunday, July 18, 2010


Inception was one of the few movies that I was really looking forward to seeing this year. It is directed by Christopher Nolan who also directed The Dark Knight. I really liked the Dark Knight but didn't care to watch it a second time since it was so dark, however, I would love to see Inception again and will probably have to in order to fully appreciate it. The last time I remember saying that after watching a movie was after viewing The Prestige which was also a Christopher Nolan film.

This movie features all the action and visual effects that you could ask for, but it also has a complicated and intricate plot. If you are a person who gets confused easily with movies then Inception may be a challenge for you due to it's length and complexity, but I thought it was refreshing and intellectually stimulating. I'm sure Inception will make a killing at the box office due to repeat viewers (and since it is so entertaining.)

Inception is much like the Matrix in that it deals with perception, reality, altered states, and dreams. Despite some basic similarities, it is a very original film with several surprise twists. The musical score by Hans Zimmer is great as usual. The entire cast, many of which you will recognize  from prior Nolan films, gave excellent performances. This is definitely the best movie I have seen in years. The only fault I could find was my pet peeve of close range machine gun fire throughout the movie that never seems to do any damage. I give it 9.0 stars


MikkSolo said...

9! Holy Cow! I may have to see it tomorrow!


I want more posts on morning Hoops!

Charlotte said...

I just saw it on Saturday and I have to agree, it was incredible. One of my favorite movies now. I also noticed the rapid gun fire with no one getting hit thing and it made me think of you while I was watching it! I thought, "I wonder what Chaka would think of this," so I'm glad you brought it up on your post :)

MikkSolo said...

Saw it! Loved it!

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