Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Best and Worst of Batman

I like Batman. He's a more realistic type of superhero I think most guys can relate to. If fact, if I had enough money, I'm pretty sure I would be Batman. I recently read that Christopher Nolan is scheduled to direct the Dark Knight Rises in 2012 and most of the cast members are returning.

This news got me thinking about the prior Batman movies and I thought I'd rank my favorite actors to play Batman along with the best and worst villains. When ranking actors who have played the role of Bruce Wayne, I am only considering the six most recent movies, so Adam West and any older actors are out of the running.

The Best Batmen
1. Christian Bale- (The Dark Knight and Batman Begins)
2. Michael Keaton- (Batman and Batman Returns) I never expected Mr. Mom to be a superhero, but I thought he did a good job.
3. Val Kilmer- (Batman Forever)
4. George Clooney- (Batman and Robin)

The Best Villains
1. The Joker played by Heath Ledger was by far the best villain.
2. The Joker by Jack Nicholson was considered top notch prior to Ledger's performance.
3. The Riddler- Jim Carrey was perfect for a hyper Riddler. Too bad the movie was so lame.
4. The Scarecrow-Cillian Murphy gives a creepy smug performance. I wish we saw more of him.
5. Two Face- Aaron Eckhart

The Worst Villains
1. The Penguin- Danny Devito. What was up with that?
2. Mr. Freeze- Arnold Schwarzenneger
3. Two Face-Tommy Lee Jones
4. Catwoman- Michelle Pfeiffer
5. Poison Ivy- Uma Thurman

I know that comic book fans will not be happy with my selections since my choices are so limited, but I'm only addressing those in movies at this time. This is a movie blog, not a comic book blog.


Myra said...

I LOVE Val Kilmer so I would move him higher on the list.... though he's looking pretty bad these days.... sad

MikkSolo said...

Bat"men" = AGREE

Best Villans = Changes = Scarecrow above Carrey as the Riddler.

I think Batman is top 5 superheros for me. I am a bit of a superhero GEEK THOUGH.

I think the trailer for GREEN LANTER looks LAME!

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