Saturday, November 13, 2010

Conflicting Movie Reviews

I have been wanting to get out and see a movie all week. I was hoping to see Skyline this weekend, but when I saw that Rotten Tomatoes had given it an 11% approval rating, I decided it will have to wait. You'll have to hear my review on that movie later. As a consolation, I thought I'd like to address the topic of conflicting movie reviews.

I am always amused when I hear a friend or movie critic bash a movie and warn everyone about  how horrible it is, only to hear another person heap praises on it and tell me that it's a masterpiece. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I'm also sure there are some rigged reviews out there too. We've all seen horrible movies that went straight to video that are endorsed with rave reviews by some unknown critic who calls it "non stop laughs from start to end" or saying that it "delivers" even though it might be the worst movie ever. I guess I shouldn't be too critical because if someone paid me enough, I might be willing to endorse movies like Baby Genius, Glitter, and Daddy Day Camp too.

Sometimes you see a movie that is not very good but there might be a few scenes that make it worth watching. Some examples of this include Hot Rod. It was a dumb movie, but had 4 or 5 scenes that were funny enough to still have me recommend it to my friends (immature guys.) Mystery Men is another example of a movie that was not so great, yet it is one of my favorite movies because it has more great movie quotes that any other movie.

I guess the debate about what constitutes a good movie just adds more drama and excitement to the entertainment industry. That was one thing that was always entertaining about watching Siskel and Ebert argue with each other. 


Squish said...

Hey There Movie Guy,

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MikkSolo said...

I hope you consider me one of your "immature guy friends" since I think we saw this together.

TS Hendrik said...

Hot Rod is one of my guilty pleasure movies. It really has some really great moments.

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