Monday, February 28, 2011

The Social Network

The Social Network is a true story about a young computer nerd who invents Facebook and becomes a billionaire.I'll admit that I'm jealous any time I hear a story about some college student who starts up a project in their spare time and then ends up being a multi-billionaire several years later. How can they do that when I can't even get 35 followers on this blog?

I appreciated the fact that this movie featured the obstacles and conflict that Zucherman encountered while developing Facebook. I think the destroyed friendships and legal battles were insightful. Jesse Eisenberg did a great job of portraying Mark Zuckerberg. He was intelligent yet cocky, obnoxious, and awkward, which is kind of ironic since he ended up creating the world' largest social network. I still feel kind of indifferent towards him since he came across as being kind of empty like he didn't have a soul. It's hard to root for a character you don't really care about.

I wasn't expecting special effects in this movie, but I learned that the Winklevoss twins were both played by the same actor. A stand in was used as one twin and then the face of Armie Hammer was digitally added over him. I couldn't tell the difference and was impressed with the technology. We've come along way since the Brady Bunch episode when Peter Brady met his identical twin at school.

I give this movie 7.5 stars. The Social Network may have been good, but I'm really looking forward to a movie about Wikipedia since I'm sure it will have more action and stunts in it.

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Kelly said...

I had a love/hate relationship with this movie. I was thinking about it for days and sad at his situation. I was also horrified at all the party scenes and it made me shiver to think my kids are headed to college soon, and unless they go to BYU they stand a chance of this kind of garbage going on around them. I loved the script and thought Jesse did a great acting job though.

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