Friday, February 25, 2011


Unknown stars Liam Neeson and it's about a scientist who travels to Berlin with his wife to attend a research conference. Upon his arrival he is involved in an auto accident and sustains a head injury. He wakes up from a coma 4 days later and when he finally tracks his wife down, she claims not to know who he is and there is another man who has taken his identity who claims to be him. He trys to figure out why this is happening to him and struggles with the idea that he just might be going crazy.

Diane Kruger plays a taxi cab driver who helps him as he reconstructs the past events in order to figure out what is happening to him. My least favorite part of the movie was January Jones who plays his wife. Besides having a ridiculous name, her performance was flat and emotionless. I felt like she was a robot from West World that wondered off the set and into this movie.

There were several details that I had a hard time believing, but some major twists and surprises compensated for that. SPOILER ALERT: I don't want to give the ending away, but imagine The Bourne Identity with an older lead and some major revelations at the end of the movie ala The Sixth Sense. (No, he's not a ghost.)

Some people were critical of this movie because they said it had unrealistic details. If it were claiming to be a documentary I'd be more worried about such details, but since it's a mystery/thriller, I give it 7.3 stars for being an entertaining movie.

PS- I've heard some people compare this movie to Taken. I can see why since they both star Neeson, take place in Europe, have one name titles, and have nearly identical posters, but Unknown is more of a mystery thriller and does not have as much action and violence as Taken.

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Tom, I just signed on to follow your excellent movie blog. As a Villanova grad, I can't possibly follow the basketball blog of a BYU alumn, although I have always kind of liked the Cougars' teams and the school... Think Jimmer is great and hope you guys go deep into the tourney. Anyway, keep up the great blogging!

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