Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jim Gaffigan's Mr. Universe

I know Mr. Universe is not a movie, but since it was my entertainment this weekend, I have decided to review it. I've always enjoyed Jim Gaffigan's material. He is one of my favorite comedians and I appreciate the fact that he keeps his routine pretty clean which is quite rare for stand up comedians. I paid $5 to download his Mr. Universe special and I really enjoyed it.

Gaffigan is true to form with his self depreciating jokes, but there was also quite a bit of new material I had not heard before. He briefly talks about having kids before he addresses other topics like gyms, personal trainers, whales, above-ground swimming pools, and of course eating. He has also incorporated several new voices into his routine besides his usual alter-ego with the whiny voice.

He was pretty tough on some big businesses as he made fun of Disneyland, McDonalds, and Subway Sandwiches. I love Disney, and I enjoy Subway, but I found myself laughing and agreeing with some of his insights rather than getting offended. I also found it interesting that even though he bashed McDonalds throughout his routine, he was also their biggest defender.

Gaffigan has followed the lead of Louis C.K. by marketing his special directly to the public online. Some people might worry about pirating, but I think he has so many loyal fans that it is a win-win situation. You can download or watch Mr. Universe at Jim for just $5. That's a great deal when you consider how much it costs to go to a live performance. I give Mr. Universe 8 out of 10 stars.

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