Thursday, May 3, 2012


Lockout is a futuristic, sci-fi, action movie about an innocent man who is sent to a prison in space. During this time the President's daughter is visiting the facility when a prison break occurs and she is taken hostage. The main character is then recruited to help rescue her. It's kind of an updated version of Escape to New York. I don't think Lockout had much of an advertising budget because it sure had a quiet release.

The biggest thing that stuck out for me in this movie was Guy Pearce. I have liked him in prior movies and roles, but he is sort of an enigma here. He has the cocky smack talk of Bruce Willis, the gravel voice of Vin Diesel, and the body of Mark Wahlberg. I kept asking myself "Is this really Guy Pierce?"

I saw Luc Besson's name was attached to this movie so I planned on suspending my sense of reality, but it still was pretty far fetched. It violated my cardinal rule about wounds healing themselves. In the opening scene, Snow is repeatedly punched in the face by interrogators, but there is no swelling on his face afterwards. The vice president's daughter is shot in the leg, but after wrapping a cloth around her leg, she is as good as new and stops limping for the rest of the movie.

The escaped prisoners in this movie are all homicidal maniacs and the really bad ones have thick Scottish accents. There are tons of loop holes and unanswered questions in this movie. It kind of reminded me of a movie based on a video game. Maybe it was. I'm also not a Maggie Grace fan so I had a hard time caring for her character.

I give Lockout 6.5 stars. It started out really good, but lost some of it's potential as it went on. Even so,  I still liked some aspects of it and it was some mindless fun, but you should probably wait for it to come out on video.

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