Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Artist

I recently saw The Artist and I really liked it. I thought it might be a challenge sitting through a silent black and white movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. I think it is ironic that in an age of amazing special effects, 3D, and technology, a simple film like this could be so entertaining.

The performances were great. Berenice Bejo who played Peppy Miller was vivacious, energetic, and fun to watch. Jean Dujardin did a great job of playing a charismatic movie star who is on top of his game. James Cromwell had a minor role, but I liked him more in this than I have in any other movie I've seen him in.

This is a touching story about an unknown actress who makes friends with Hollywood's biggest star. As the entertainment industry evolves, silent movies lose their appeal and the great Valentin ends up not only losing his popularity, but everything during the depression, while at the same time his young friend gains popularity and becomes the biggest star of the "talkies".

I give The Artist 8.2 stars. It pays homage to the silent film era, which I imagine, is something that few people remember these days. It's a refreshing movie with a great storyline and it's something the whole family can watch together.

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