Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Men in Black 3

Men In Black 3 continues the series as an alien named Boris the Animal escapes from a lunar prison and is able to go back in time and alter history by killing Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) before he is was able to capture and imprison him. Agent J played by Will Smith also goes back into the late 60's in an attempt to save his partner. As a result, he and ends up meeting and working with a younger version of agent K.

This third installment is fairly consistent with the other movies since it features the same cast and director as the prior movies. If you enjoyed the other MIB movies and like comedy mixed with silly science fiction effects and gags then you will probably like this movie.

I always enjoy time the concept of travel in movies, but this movie also had a touching twist at the end I was not expecting. I also got a kick out of Jermaine Clement who played the villain Boris the Animal. I give Men In Black 3  7.2 stars. I got exactly what I was expecting from this movie.

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