Sunday, May 5, 2013


I recently saw Oblivion and really liked it. As much as many people claim to dislike Tom Cruise, I have yet to see a performance of his I was not impressed with and did not enjoy. The thing that really impressed me most about this movie was the special effects. The visuals in this film are amazing and for me that was enough to overlook other problems with the movie.

This is a science fiction movie about a man who's job is to repair drones that maintain giant water generators on earth after it has essentially been destroyed by aliens. Cruise and a partner live in a cushy futuristic home up in the sky and he drives a cool spaceship around all day in order to make sure the generators on earth that make life support for all the humans who have evacuated to another planet possible.

The story develops as he starts to have strange memories and questions his work. He later ends up saving a woman who he recognizes from dreams he has been having. This movie borrows many ideas and concepts from a bunch of other sci-fi movies, yet it still had an original feel to it. I really liked it and give it 7.9 stars despite what the harsh critics say.

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