Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summary of 4 Big Summer Movies

I haven't written a review for a while and have gotten a little back logged so I decided to briefly rate some of the bigger summer movie titles.

The Wolverine- I enjoyed this more than several of the previous X-Men movies. It was nice to have a fresh location in Japan with a different culture and new characters. The atomic bomb flashback scene was pretty cool. Once again Hugh Jackman showed up out of shape for the role-NOT. I give it 7.4 stars.

Man of Steel- It was nice to see a fresh re-boot. Henry Cavill was really good in the role of Superman and also got into great shape for the role. I think Hollywood is setting too high of a bar for what a man's physique should look like. Maybe I need to watch more Woody Allen movies. Any way, I liked this move and I give it 7.7 stars.

World War Z- Finally a zombie movie where they move fast instead of slowly limping around. I have never really gotten into the zombie genre, but I thought this was well done and I really liked it. If you like seeing scenes of civilization being destroyed then you will probably like it. I gave it 7.9 stars.

Star Trek Into Darkness- I have enjoyed what J.J. Abrams has done with the last two Star Trek movies. Benedict Cumberbatch was a good villain. I thought this was one of the better movies of the summer and give it 8.0 stars.

All of these were pretty good and entertaining. Luckily I have not seen After Earth or The Lone Ranger, but if I had, I'll bet you would see some lower ratings.

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