Friday, March 21, 2014

3 Days to Kill

I recently saw 3 Days to Kill and I thought it was entertaining. The movie got off to a great start and had more potential than it finished with. I enjoyed most of the movie but there were several things that bothered me about it. I will list them each below along with the percentage of how much they distracted me. There were many things that bugged me but I have learn to cut any movie that Luc Beeson is associated with some slack and just try to enjoy it. That being said, here were the five big distractions for me.

1) The scarf (10%)- Kevin Costner was good in this role but what's up with wearing the stupid scarf for most of the movie? He's a CIA killing machine and he wears a poofy scarf? One of my favorite scenes was when he finally changed clothes into a suit and ditched the scarf.

2) The birth scene (10%)- The movie showed the world's most unrealistic birth scene I've ever seen. The lady giving birth appeared to be fully dressed during her delivery. Someone said "here it comes" and then within 5 seconds they hand a clean dry baby who was born without an umbilical cord to a family member to hold. I'm not pitching for bloody or graphic birth scenes, but please don't insult me with such a simplistic attempt.

3) Passing Out scenes (15%)- Kevin Costner's disease causes him to pass out at the most inconvenient time. Each time he is about to kill the bad guy he would fall down paralyzed. The first time it made sense, the second time I reluctantly allowed it. The third time I felt like I was being abused.

4) The sexy CIA boss (25%)- His superior is a cocky girl who looks like she's in her early 20's. She is played by Amber Heard and spends more time dressing up and changing outfits than she does working. Her "cool" act is just way too blatant and I had a hard time with her.

5) The Daughter (40%)- The girl who played his daughter really bugged me. I think I saw her in Ender's Game too. I'm sure she will be in a ton of movies in the future. I don't care how successful she may become but I am not a fan. She just bugs me. It was hard to care what happened to her.

I know I am picking this apart and being critical, but if you can overlook the five things mentioned above then you may really like this movie. There is still some good action and humor. I still liked it and give 3 Days to Kill 6.3 stars.

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Anonymous said...

That was the girl in True Grit. I liked her in that but she sure bugged me in this.

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