Monday, November 23, 2015

Inside Out

I recently took my kids to see Inside Out and they really liked it. For a kid it might be kind of complicated like Inception. I thought it was a "cute" movie. It was creative but there was also more animation than I usually care for. The movie highlights how different emotions take over our thinking and moods at different times during life. There are also some "touching" scenes kind of like there was in the movie Up.

Right now my tired emotion is at the helm of my brain so I will make this short and I also don't want to type any more quotations marks around words I am not comfortable saying. I give Inside Out 7.3 stars. Some fans of the movie might think that is a low rating but as a grown man there is no way I can give it a better rating than James Bond.

P.S.- It should not be confused with these movies.

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