Wednesday, November 18, 2015


It's been a big year for spy movies and I have been looking forward to king of them all for quite some time. I saw Spectre on opening night and overall I enjoyed it.. The movie picked up where Skyfall dropped off. with the customary exciting opening sequence which takes place in Mexico. Daniel Craig is back again as 007 and I am liking him more and more as James Bond. I know  some people have complained that they don't get enough sophistication and gadgets from Craig's Bond, but I like a more physical,  human, and realistic hero. I also don't miss all the lame puns that Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan were subjected to.

The latest installment is also directed by Sam Mendes and I like his style. I also like the supporting cast of M, Q, and Moneypenny. The movie deals with 007 discovering a secret organization called Spectre and it shows how they were behind the villains of the prior three movies. It also offers more insights to Bond's upbringing. I believe this is the longest Bond movie to date and some parts slow down a little but I didn't really mind that.

The villain Blofeld is played well by Christopher Waltz and his henchman Mr. Hinx is played by Dave Bautista. He's not as intimidating as Jaws but he reminds me of him since he only utters one word during the entire movie.

This isn't the best Bond but it's better than most. I'd rank it behind Casino Royale but it is much better than Quantum of Solace and is on par with Skyfall. I give it 7.3 stars.

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