Friday, May 13, 2011

If I Could Cast a Movie

If I could cast a movie I would probably still employ the same type cast actors we've been watching for years, but I'd put them in different roles for a change. We've been too conditioned over the years when we see the same actors in the same roles. This way we could really find out who can act.

No more mafia role for you!

Mafia guy-Robin Williams, Will Ferrel, Jim Carrey, or Steve Carell

The Good guy/hero- Christopher Walken, Christopher Lee, or Malcolm Mcdowell

The Villain-Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, or Matt Damon

The Scientist-The Rock, Jason Stratham, Sylvester Stalone, or Vin Diesel

Comedy Relief Role-Anthony Hopkins, Robert Duvall, or Jack Nicholson

The President- Joe Pesci, Vincent Pastore, Al Pacino, or Ray Liota.

I'd probably let the key grip and lighting technician direct the the movie and make Steven Spielberg hold the boom mike during filming.

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