Friday, May 27, 2011


To be honest, I've never been into comic books so accepting a superhero who's weapon is a magic hammer was an up hill battle for me. Thor was directed by Kenneth Branagh which surprised me but he actually did a good job of mixing  modern day earth with the mythical world of Asgard in the same movie. Despite the superhero aspect and special effects, it had some elements of a Shakespeare drama.

Chris Hemsworth gave a good performance as Thor who is banished to Earth by his father for his pride and arrogance. I had previously only seen him in Star Trek where he played George Kirk. I really liked Tom Hiddleston's performance as Thor's brother, Loki the trickster god. 

Natalie Portman seemed wasted in her role. Anyone could have played her character so it was kind of beneath her abilities. At least she didn't look like a little boy like she did in Mr.Magorium's Wonder Emporium. As usual Anthony Hopkins gave a great performance as Odin and reminds us why he is referred to as "Sir" Anthony Hopkins.

I give Thor 7.2 stars despite having a hard time with the whole Norse mythology superhero concept. It could have been higher if it weren't for the giant fire breathing robot that somehow made it's way into this movie.

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