Monday, May 16, 2011

Inside Job

Inside job is a documentary about Wall streets practices which brought about the 2008 stock market crash and financial crisis. This movie is narrated by Matt Damon and does a good job of explaining how lack of regulation in the banking, investing, real estate, insurance, and other industries brought about the recession.

It is very frustrating to see what some of these guys got away with. If a pick pocket steals $50, he will go to jail, but the slime balls featured in this documentary run businesses into the ground because their greed and dishonesty, which in turn affects other industries and causes a global depression. Instead of getting fired or going to jail, they get paid millions of dollars in tax free severance packages and bonuses and are appointed to presidential cabinets.

There are many scenes where financial "experts" and academic geniuses are being interviewed and questioned about their actions. It's amusing to see them stammer and stutter and avoid questions and flat out lie. This movie shows how corrupt our government is and how special interests and big money can influence our nations leaders regardless of what party is in power. I give Inside Job 7.8 stars. I highly recommend it, but you may walk away angry and frustrated.

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