Monday, April 25, 2011

I Am Number Four

I recently saw I Am Number Four and can best summarize it as "Twilight for boys".

It had the same feel to it as Percy Jackson and left you with a bubble gum after taste. The movie is obviously geared towards a younger audience, but I still think the story had potential. It's about a young man from another planet who is hiding out on earth as his enemies are trying to track him down and kill him.

There were several things in this movie that bothered me.
1) Why do high school students always have to be played by people over 20?
2) His girlfriend is an avid photographer yet she uses an old school camera with film but is somehow able to upload the photos she takes with it onto the Internet shortly after taking the pictures.
3) The main character just happens to move next door to a kid who's dad is an alien expert who new about his planet's existence.
4) The bad guys were a little bit overdone. Big scary bald guys with tattoos, red eyes, and trench coats. I guess that helps the really stupid people in the audience differentiate between the good guys and the villains.
5) The tough chick #6 was trying way too hard to be cool.

Cool girls don't look at explosions!
I Am Number Four is your standard teen movie. The special effects were good but there was plenty of cheesy dialogue and plot holes. I give this 6.4 stars.

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