Saturday, April 16, 2011

Source Code

Source Code is a science fiction movie that makes you think and stretches your mind kind of like The Matrix or Inception. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Captain Colter Stevens, a man who wakes up on a train where he has assumed the identity of someone else. He tries to figure out what is happening to him, but after 8 minutes, a bomb on the train explodes and kills everyone on board. He then wakes up in a chamber and is questioned about the events. He is disoriented and confused as he is continually sent back for 8 minute increments to try and find the bomber and change history.

This movie reminded me of Vantage Point since it kept replaying the same event over and over with different details or scenarios playing out each time. It also had a similar story line to Deja Vu. I love time travel movies, but Source Code claims to not use time travel, but some other complicated bogus explanation of how one can change the past. I'm not a quantum physics expert so I had to accept their explanation even thought I'm pretty sure this is not a true story.

I thought it was a little disturbing how the commanding officers were so detached for people who are trying to assist Gyllenhaal with his mission. It becomes apparent later into the movie why they are withholding so much information from him. Jeffrey Wright plays an awkward, uncaring scientist and was particularly unlikeable.

I liked Source Code, but like many science fiction movies that stretch your brain, it also leaves unanswered questions. For instance, what happened to the poor dude who's identity Gyllenhaal had assumed? Maybe we will see what happened to him if there is a sequel. I give it 7.7 stars.

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