Thursday, April 7, 2011


I recently saw Takers on DVD, and I wasn't too impressed. Takers is about a group of bank robbers and their attempt to pull a heist. Matt Dillon plays the cop who is trying to capture them. This movie was a mix of The Italian Job and GQ Magazine. Every character is a young, cocky, good looking guy who parades around in fancy clothes most of the movie. It made me laugh how hard they tried to make these crooks look so glamorous.

I'm all for action, suspense, and cops and robber movies, but here are a several things I didn't like about this movie.

1. The first action scene culminated with the most blatant and textbook example of "Cool guys don't look at explosions".
2. Hayden Christensen pretending to play Jazz piano during one of the scenes.
3. Hayden Christensen beating up 3 tough street smart gangsters by himself.
4. Hayden Christensen wearing that stupid hat the entire movie.
5. The serious dramatic music when Hayden Christensen dies.
6. When two of the characters are back stabbed by one of their partners they vow vengeance on him, but then do a Butch Cassidy and charge the cops who have them surrounded. How does a suicidal move like that help them get revenge on their betrayer?
7. The classic 3 gun draw and stand off at the end of the movie.

This movie had some potential, but it ultimately disappointed. It really bothered me how hard these guys were trying to act cool. By the way, I'm not a Hayden hater. I was OK with him as Anakin Skywalker and I liked him in Jumper, but accepting him as a tough thug in this movie was asking too much. I give it 5.9 Stars. It would have been higher if it weren't for that hat!

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