Sunday, October 3, 2021

A Plethora of Reviews

 A couple weeks ago I flew back to the United States and watched a bunch of movies on my plane rides as well as some recent movies in the theater. Here is my lists of one paragraph reviews ranked from worst to best.

Chaos Walking- This movie had a lot of potential and an interesting plot. I didn't think it was as bad as I had heard, but it still fell flat. I had a hard time with Daisy Ridley's character who made Kristen Stewart in Twilight seem like Meryl Streep. I give it 6.2 stars.

Black Widow- I love superhero movies but am a little Marveled out. I kind of wish they would have let things rest a while after Infinity War. I suppose this prequel was ok but I had a hard time really getting into it. I give it 6.6 stars.

Jungle Cruise- I really like The Rock, Emily Blunt, and bad puns but I'd have to put this in the category of The Haunted Mansion movie. Maybe next year Disney will make the movie Thunder Mountain Railroad staring Brad Pitt. It was still entertaining enough to give it 6.7 stars.

A Quiet Place 2- I really enjoyed the first one and this prequel/sequel just felt like a re-boot or seeing more footage of the same thing. I was entertained by it but just felt like the story was repeated as opposed to progressed. I give it 7.1 stars.

Free Guy- This was a fun movie and it reminded me a lot of The Truman Show. It was a creative idea that I'm sure most gamers would appreciate. Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi were very entertaining. I give it 7.4 stars.

The Courier- This was a more serious movie than the previous ones mentioned in this post. It is a true story about a British spy in Russia during the Cold War. Despite being slow paced and not having any action, it was suspenseful and held my attention and Benedict Cumberbatch had a great performance. I give it 7.5 stars.

Jo Jo Rabbit- I'm slow getting around to some movies and finally saw this film. I knew it was a parody of Hitler but I wasn't sure what to expect. I was surprised by the combination of humor mixed with very serious subject matter. I really liked it and give it 7.9 stars.

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