Monday, January 1, 2018

Murder on the Orient Express

I recently saw the newest version of Murder on the Orient Express and I really liked it. Kenneth Branagh did a great job of directing the film and portraying Hercule Poirot but I felt there were a few differences between his portrayal and the classic Poirot character. He came across a little more OCD and rude and he reminded me of Sherlock Holmes. The other big difference was his monster mustache. Rather than adopting the fine haired waxed moustache, he sported a monstrosity of a handle bar mustache.

The all star cast was very deep and I thought Johnny Depp did a particularly good job of coming across as a very unlikable bad guy. I wondered how much I would be able to enjoy this film since I was already familiar with the story and plot twists, but I really enjoyed it. I give  Murder on the Orient Express 7.2 stars.
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