Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Whole Bunch of Brief Movie Summaries

Once again I have seen a bunch of movies over the last several months and failed to write reviews so now I have to smash several two sentenced summaries together in one post. As always beware of spoilers.

Non Stop- Liam Neeson rocks yet again in the role of the old guy who won't take crap from anybody in this airplane thriller. This was an exciting movie and I enjoyed the suspense even though there were a ton of problems with the plot. I also chose not to take offense by who the bad guys ended up being. I give it 7.4 stars.

Mud- aka The White Trash diaries. McConaughey was great in this but it was pretty slow paced and depressing. I really disliked Reese Witherspoon's character even though she is only in the movie for a few minutes. The acting was good but it's not a pick me up movie. 7.0 stars. For any ladies who might care, McConaughey does remove his shirt in this movie as is customary in all of his movies.

Divergent- This was not nearly as "Twighlighty" as I was expecting. The entire cast is very young so I still got some pretty strong teeny bopper vipes, but it was better than I expected. I like almost any movie about the oppressed masses rising up and sticking it a corrupt government. I almost didn't recognize Kate Winslet in this. I give Divergent 7.2 stars.

Captain America: TheWinter Soldier- This was by far the best superhero movie I have seen in years. You know a movie is effective when it can make a villain out of a guy named Bucky. There was something that felt realistic in this movie despite being about a fake superhero who can jump out of airplanes without a parachute. It had just the right amount of humor too. I give it 8.2 stars.

RoboCop- I never saw the first one so I probably missed out on subtle parts of the movie that payed homage to the original. It was better than I thought but Samuel Jackson's character bugged me so bad and I hated seeing Mr. Mom turn evil. I was also shocked that I recognized the little dude from Bad News Bears and Breaking Away after not seeing his face for 30 years. I give it 7.1 stars which is about 3 stars better than I was expecting.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty- I enjoyed it but it was a little slow. It motivated me to want to spice up my life a little and move to Iceland with a skateboard but that would suck so there's no way I'm doing that. Stiller and Wiig had decent performances and it was pleasant enough but I was hoping for a little more. I give it 7.2 stars.

Thor: The Dark World- I can't really remember much about this sequel and that's probably not a good thing. I remember seeing dark elves attack Thor's homeland (sorry nerds, I can't remember what it's called). Anyway I must have been tired when I watched this because it was not too memorable. On a positive note, Loki stole the show again. This movie earned 6.7 stars with me.

Brick Mansions- This is a total remake of the French film District B13 which I really liked. Some scenes are completely identical except for some of the cast being different. This movie is pretty much an excuse for parkour stunts. It was one of Paul Walker's last movies.  It started out great but lost some steam as it went on. The ending was ridiculous so I had to lower my rating down to 6.6 stars.

Spider Man 2- This sequel was really not that great. Jamie Fox looked like Taylor Lautner when he was made up as Electro. I thought I had seen his role before of nerd turned bad guy in Iron Man 3. Harry/The Green Goblin was much creepier in this movie. I think I like Andrew Garfield more than Tobey MaGuire in the role of Spider Man (probably due to the dancing scenes in Spider Man 3) but this still wasn't that great. I can only give it 6.9 stars.

So if you have the chance to see just one of these movies, let me do you a favor and steer you towards Captain America 2.
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