Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Jumanji: The Next Level

Yesterday I took my son to see the new Jumanji sequel. I appreciated how they expanded on the prior story line and made the characters better friends and a little more likable. The plot was a little more complicated with additional characters as well as swapping around their avatars for who we are used to seeing in those roles. I thought the writing was done well but I actually liked Welcome to the Jungle slightly more since it was so fresh and original at the time (Yes I know it was a sequel/remake, but you know what I mean.)

I was impressed with the Rock channeling Danny DeVito so well. I love Dwayne Johnson but it's always nice to see him expand his acting and break his usual mold. Kevin Hart did a great job sounding like and elderly Danny Glover most of the movie, but it also kept him from being able to shine and be his high-energy funny self.

There was also more variety with the setting. They start in the jungle but also have scenes in the dessert and in a snowy climate. This movie was fun and a little more family friendly (cleaner) than the prior one. It is entertaining and has a good cast but it just didn't make me laugh as much as the prior movie did. I still like it and give Jumanji: The Next Level 6.8 stars.
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