Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Shallows

The Shallows is the younger generation's version of Jaws. This movie is about a woman who goes on vacation to a secluded beach in Mexico to surf and to take a break from her problems. The morning she is headed to the beach, her friend flakes on her so she ends up breaking the buddy system rule and surfs alone. She is having a good time until she wipes out, is cut up on some coral, and is then bitten on the leg by a shark. She quickly swims to a nearby rock formation where she is protected from the shark while the tide is low.

She is injured badly but uses her nursing skills to stop the bleeding. She is only 200 yards from shore but can not make the swim to safety since she is continually being watched and stalked by a persistent, huge shark.

This movie was entertaining but kind of fake. Her leg would have been gone had a shark that big taken a bite out of her but I am not one to wish anyone to lose a leg so I'll give it 6.8 stars.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

19 Movie Reviews

Where else on the Internet can you get 19 movie reviews in one post? I have not updated any of my movie "reviews" for a couple months. I should actually call them ratings since I am too lazy and far behind to do an actual review. Here goes the briefest of summaries. Just pay attention to the score.

Creed- It was pretty good. I give props to Stalone for allowing someone else to finally be the main character in the Rocky universe. I give it 7.3

Bridge of Spies- Very good spy thriller.  It relies on suspense more than action. Tom Hanks can do no wrong. 7.8

The Fifth Wave- Teenage science fiction. Better than I expected when it started but then it dropped off quickly.  5.9

Central Intelligence- It had some funny parts but I didn't like the Rock in this quite as much as I have in his other stuff. 6.7

The Legend of Tarzan- Pretty decent Tarzan adaptation but I only give it 6.8

Suicide Squad- Entertaining but there were several things I didn't like about it. 3 or 4 characters carried the show, the rest were just filler. 6.5

Ben Hur- The original is one of my favorite movies and one of the greatest movies of all time so I was expecting a crapfest with this remake. It took a bit of a different direction with many artistic liberties, but it was much better than I thought it would be. I'm shocked that I'm giving it 6.6 stars.

Thanks to VidAngel I have caught up on a bunch of rated R movies I had not seen before. Some of these movies are current but many came out years ago.

10 Cloverfield Lane- Suspenseful. John Goodman had a great performance. It was better before the aliens appeared. 7.4

The Revenant- Very intense and grizzly. 7.8

Gran Torino- I love Clint Eastwood's work but I was expecting more from all the hype I had heard over the years but it was still very good. 7.8

The Kingdom- I really liked this suspenseful war movie about the middle east and terrorism. I was captivated the whole time. 8.0 stars.

127 Hours- I had heard about the true story this was based on so I was looking forward to it. Good acting by James Franco but it was kind of hard to watch. 7.4

The Butterfly Effect- I like most movies involving time travel and do overs. It's not a pick me up movie but had some good stuff in it. 7.9

District 9- Kind of depressing science fiction especially for someone who thought we were mean to E.T. back in the 80's. 7.6

London Has Fallen- Totally fake action movie but still entertaining. 6.4

Safe House- Is Denzel Washington a good guy or bad guy? 7.0

Looper- Again I have to give time travel extra points. It stretches your mind 7.7

John Wick- Extremely violent but pretty well done. 7.2

28 Days Later- I got into this Zombie movie 7.8

Escape Plan- I fell asleep watching it 6.1

13 Hours: The Soldiers of Benghazi- Pretty Intense. It was good to see Jim and Roy from The Office Reunited.  7.6 stars.

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