Friday, November 19, 2021

My Latest Movie Rankings

Since being back in the U.S. I've watched several movies. Here are my rankings for the most recent films I've seen. This time we will rank them from best to worst (according to my opinion.) If you disagree feel free to comment or start your own blog where you can be a powerful critic like myself.

Dune- I was really looking forward to seeing this updated version of Dune and was not disappointed. Everything was great including the cast, special effects, and the entire production quality. It may be a little dark and dramatic for some but is very well done. Even someone who is not familiar with the background or story of the Dune books would like it. My only suggestion is to not stream it at home but to see it on the big screen. I saw it in an IMAX theater and was glad I did. I give it a solid 8.2 stars.

No Time To Die- Daniel Craig finishes out his run as James Bond and nicely wraps up all of his prior movies with this one. Unlike the prior Bond actors, Craig's movies have been more linear and built upon each other with recurring characters more like a series. I've enjoyed Daniel Craig as James Bond and it has fun to see his gradual evolution in this role. This may not be my favorite in the series but it was a satisfying finale for his character. I give it 7.6 stars.

Eternals- I have enjoyed most of the prior Marvel movies but this one just felt different. There were too many characters and back stories unleashed at once. I liked the concept behind the movie but it probably should have been a series of movies instead of one busy movie. It also seems like some of the super powers were copied from more popular characters. I felt like I was watching a lesser version of Superman, Flash, Magneto, etc. I also did not care for the villains in this movie, there was no heart to them. They just looked like crazy CGI monsters. Eternals still had some entertaining and funny scenes but I only give it 6.6 stars.

Old- I have a love/hate relationship with M. Night Shyamalan. I love the concepts behind most of his movies and his surprise endings, but I am also irritated with little details and and simple things he could tweak to make the movie so much better. This film was missing a big movie star name unlike many of his others. The best known actor in this was Rufus Sewell. I'm not sure if it was the awkward dialogue or the actors but something just felt off. The family all had different accents and didn't look like they belonged together. Anyway, I'm glad he made another movie and I only give it 6.0 stars.

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