Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Black Panther Two- Wakanda Forever

Wakanda Forever started with a nice little introduction honoring Chadwick Bosman. When they usually play the opening Marvel theme and show highlights of all the superheroes, they just showed images of him with silence. That was one of my favorite parts of the movie. That doesn't necessarily mean it went down hill from there. I actually liked it a little more than I expected I would.

This sequel features the upheaval and problems Wakanda experiences as Black Panther has just died and world powers are beginning to plot against their country in order to obtain vibranium. During this time, a new adversary from the ocean is introduced who gives Wakanda an ultimatum that they can assist him to attack the rest of the world as an ally or be destroyed. 

Other things happened but I really don't want to write a book report about this movie. Proceed to last paragraph for summary.

I was afraid Marvel/Disney would mess with this movie sequel like they did with the most recent Thor installment. There were plenty of plot holes and problems with the movie, but it was not that bad.  Black Panther 2 was alright. I give it 6.9 stars.
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