Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War has only been released for 11 days and the domestic sales already exceed $461,390,000. I've enjoyed most of the Marvel comic book movies, but Avengers Infinity War took things to another level. I really like how they wove so many different characters and prior movies into one cohesive event. I've always enjoyed multiple story-line films like Our Mutual Friend, Crash, Traffic, Hereafter, etc. I liked how this movie incorporated so many different superheroes and their back stories into one movie.

My wife is not a comic book movie fan and had only seen a couple of the prior installments but she still liked it. She said it was epic and I’d have to agree. The villains were so much better than past ones we've seen. I especially liked the henchmen that worked for Thanos. The end battle at Wakanda and Thor’s new weapon were also way cool.

The body count really surprised me. I was a little surprised to see Loki and Heimdall die so quickly in the beginning. I was expecting a death or two but I was blown away in the last 5 minutes with seeing half of the characters die. If I didn’t know that many of them already have sequels in the works I would have been more concerned. I also liked the balance between action, drama, and humor. This movie had some funny parts but the humor was toned down a little bit since Thor Ragnarok so it was a little bit easier to take seriously. I really liked all the superheroes, but Dr. Strange is starting to grow on me. When I saw the preview for his first movie I thought it was the dumbest thing I’d seen but I’m liking his style and how he plays by a different set of rules than most heroes who just use brute strength or super powers.

I may be biased since I have not seen a movie for so long, but I enjoyed Avengers: Infinity War enough to give it 8.5 stars and would have to say it is my favorite Marvel movie so far.
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