Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Witness Protection Movies

I think one of the coolest themes for a movie is the witness protection program. The only thing better than that is when you take it a step further to the witness relocation where a change of identity is involved. I think it would be exciting to start life over with a new identity. It would also be stressful in case some day you came across someone in the mafia who you had testified against. Some of the movies dealing with this subject matter have not been very good but I will continue to think the witness relocation concept is cool and a great plus for a movie. It is a close cousin to the prison movie genre.

Here are some of the movies that use this theme:

Bird on a Wire
Mobsters and Mormons
The Incredibles
Sister Act
The Godfather 2
Charlies Angels: Full Throttle
The Client
The Whole 9 Yards


Flyawaynet said...

Have you seen "The Interpreter" with Nicole Kidman?

She hears of a crime that's going to be committed, and secret service ends up having to protect her.

In all your movie watching can you recommend any other movies along those lines? I'm more into the drama than comedy.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out a title of a movie. Its about a guy that is in the witness protection program and none of his children nor his wife know about it and he runs a coffee shop in a small town. Then the mafia comes after him and his family. Can some one help me out? Thanks

Anonymous said...

It's called A History of Violence with Viggo Mortensen. It's funny because I just watched that movie and got to this site because I was looking for similar movies.

Anonymous said...

Im looking for a movie where a guy is in the wpp and starts dating a cop thats protecting him then she gets kiddnaped and he brakes out to save her. Its not a comedy.

Anonymous said...

Fire with fire

Anonymous said...

There's a movie I'm thinking of that has two major actors in it, they get put in witness protection in some northwestern US state, maybe wyoming, and the sheriff of the town is the only one who knows about them. Can anyone remember that movie title?

Anonymous said...

I think you are talking about did you hear about the Morgan's with Hugh grant and Sarah Jessica parker

Anonymous said...

Im am stumped on a movie title... it is a comedy where a black man is turned into a white man from the waist up in protection... anyone know it?... joseppi_777@yahoo.com

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