Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Last night as I was going to bed, my wife turned on an instant play feature from Netflix. We have been watching old X-files reruns for the last couple months. As the intro scene started, it showed a fisherman pull in his nets only to discover he had picked up a body of a woman. He was getting ready to radio the authorities when he saw the woman moving in the net. He helped her out and resuscitated her. As he headed back to shore to get her help, she told him she was fine and didn't want anyone to see her.

I was intrigued with the opening scene but I had never seen one last this long. I recognized Collin Farrel but was shocked to see that he could look so mature back in the mid 90's. After an additional 5 minutes of viewing and not seeing any aliens, Moulder or Scully, I finally realized I was not watching the X files, but Ondine. I must be getting old.

I watched the rest of the movie before falling asleep because I am due for a review, but I have to admit this is not a movie I was super excited about. I had seen some ads for it, but could never bring myself to putting it in my queue. Apparently my wife was able to.

I've decided to give my brief summary of the movie with the following keywords. Nice Irish accents, Collin Farrell with long hair, depressing fishing environment, mermaid-like lady (is she really a mythical water creature or just a lady?), A handicapped daughter, and a bad guy come to find the woman. It was a low budget production and had a drab feel to it and was a little slow. The colors were dark and depressing. It was the complete opposite of the ramped up bright colors you see on CSI Miami.

So there you have it in a nutshell. I give it 6.3 stars. It would have been lower, but I 'm giving it a break for the opening scene since I thought it was the X-files for the first 15 minutes.

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