Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Captain America vs. X-Men

Several months ago I saw Captain America: Civil War as well as X-Men: Apocalypse. Here are some of my thoughts on the two movies.

Both movies are about superheroes and super villains who have powers we will never have so that is kind of depressing to start off with. When Hollywood actors prepare for roles in a movie these days they get in way better shape than most people ever will so that is also depressing for most of us. When they finish the movie many of these actors drop the chicken breast and broccoli diet and stop working out 4 hours a day like they have been for the past 9 months and then they look like they did before. That is probably depressing for them. I didn't mean for this review to be so depressing so I will address something else.

Both movies have a familiar theme of friends fighting against each other much like Superman vs. Batman did. I hate seeing good guys fight each other. It breaks my heart and is actually a little depressing.

In summary, I give the latest Captain America 7.9 stars and X-Men 7.2 stars. If you want more details or something of actual substance then you should probably go see the actual movies instead of just relying on my crappy reviews.

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