Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Queen of Katwe

A couple weeks ago I was visiting someone's home and they invited our kids to watch the Queen of Katwe. I had only heard about the title before and I have not seen any movies since I've been living in Africa so I was looking forward to watching a video with my kids.

I came in after it started so I didn't see it all, but the movie is about a poor family in Uganda who start playing chess and get very good at it to the point that the daughter is able to travel around the world while representing her country in international play. It takes place over a period of five years and features some of the struggles she experienced and how her chess coach and family helped her along the way. The main character is eventually is able to purchase a home for her single mother and family from the success of her efforts. Sorry- I guess that was a spoiler.

This movie is a nice feel good movie based on a true story. The cinematography was also very impressive with beautiful colors and backdrops but I felt it was a little too cleaned up as if were a travel promo for Uganda. I understand it is a Disney produced movie, but it is about people living in poverty in the slums of Africa but all the clothes, colors, and scenery were spotless and I didn't recall seeing any garbage or pollution during the film. That's not a big deal but just something that stuck out to me.

Overall The Queen of Katwe was a nice inspirational movie. I give it 6.9 stars.

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