Thursday, May 14, 2009

Star Trek

I was a little concerned when I saw that Star Trek was getting so many good reviews because I hate having really high expectations and being let down. Despite all the hype it was still great and is obviously the best of any Star Trek movie to date.

I really enjoyed how the movie gives the background for the Star Trek crew members from the original series. I like prequels if they are done well and this one is. While watching this movie I couldn't help feeling bad for many of the younger viewers. Most of the movie is like an inside joke if you are not familiar with the characters or original series. Even if someone does not have any prior Star Trek background they can still enjoy this movie due to all the action and drama.

Star Trek kind of reminded me of Muppet Babies after seeing cuter younger versions of each character. They did a great job with casting and I was glad they used fresh faces for most of the actors. I think each of the actors did a great job of capturing the personality and mannerisms of the original character. Lieutenant Uhura gets my vote for the best makeover. If there was a week point to this movie it would have to be the villains. The Romulans didn't do much for me but remind me of Mike Tyson.

Overall I really liked Star Trek. It had "beam me up", "set phasers for stun", "I'm a doctor not a physicist", and "I haven't got enough power". It is a well done prequel that neatly puts a lot of prior history together. I give it 8.1 stars. It's cool to be a Star Trek geek again.


MikkSolo said...

So what what movie gets a 10 in your opinion? I've got to get a read on your scale.

Tom said...

See my 10/26/08 post where I explain my rating system. I am equally strict to all movies. I don't really give 10's so anything over a 9 is an amazingly rare movie. 8 is great, 7 was pretty good, 6 is ok, 5 was poor and if you go below that it really sucked. I admit that most of my ratings range from 6-8. Star trek was great!

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