Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time Travel Movies

Ever since I learned about the concept of time I have always wished I could go back in time or see into the future. Apparently I'm not the only one since there have been many movies that address this theme. I have listed some of the more popular time travel movies below.

Somewhere in Time
Back to the Future(s)
The Terminator(s)
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Time Bandits
Deja Vu
Groundhog Day
The Time Machine
13 Going on 30
Time Cop
12 Monkeys
Kate and Leopold
Napoleon Dynomite
Planet of the Apes
Star Trek(s)

Some of these movies are definitely better than others. Feel free to list any good time travel movies I may have missed.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a movie. It's something like not traveling back to the past or to the future... but traveling time side ways. And there's this cave man named Chaka and a highly intelligent T-Rex that sets a giant walnut as bait. There's 3 of 'em that traveled somewhere in time space. The doctor who made the machine, the girl who can talk caveman and the owner of a store that sells cups with boobs. Anyone know the title?

Tom said...

Anonymous, From your description it sounds like academy award material. Nobody was more dissapointed than I was with Land of the Lost. I have to admit I laughed at the part when they were holding onto the pylon and singing.

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