Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ghost Writer

I didn't have any idea what Ghost Writer was about so it was nice to see a movie with no pre-conceived notions or expectations since that seldom happens. This film is about a retired prime minister of Britain played by Pierce Brosnan who is in the process of writing his memoirs. A man hired to assist him with the project dies and he is replaced by a new ghost writer played by Ewen McGregor. He is taken to a secured resort on the Eastern Coast and begins the process of working on the memoirs.

As he works on them, an international scandal involving the minister develops which makes the process more difficult. He eventually comes across several clues which cause him to suspect that his predecessor was murdered. As he continues to piece things together and uncover past relationships, he begins to fear for his life. This is not an action movie, but rather a mystery/thriller. It has a Hitchcock-like feel to several scenes, which I miss seeing these days.

The acting was great and the cast was a very interesting mix. I was shocked to see Jim Belushi and Kim Cattrall in this movie, but they were better then I expected they'd be. It wasn't until the end of the movie that I realized it was a Roman Polanski film. I've enjoyed most everything I've seen of his since his movies seem so realistic.

Ghost Writer is not a perfect movie, but it has many good elements. The biggest distraction I had with the movie was that I kept thinking Ewan McGregor looked like Jason Bateman. I really liked this movie because it was an original story and I found it very thought provoking and entertaining. I give it 7.7 stars.


Mary said...

There was one scene where Ewan McGregor was riding his bike in the rain and when he turned he totally looked like Jason Bateman- I had never made that "evil twin" connection before!

Anonymous said...

The Ewan McGregor / Jason Bateman lookalike thing makes me crazy, too. I was equally distracted watching "The Men Who Stare at Goats"!

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