Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Last Airbender

I heard that The Last Airbender was bad, but I decided to rent it anyway since I've been known to like movies that others didn't care for. This movie was adapted from the cartoon series Avatar and was written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Talk about your downward trend. This guy was one of the most promising directors when he started his career. I loved his first 3 or 4 movies, but he has been on a downward slide ever since then.

This movie is a fantasy film about a world where people are divided into 4 kingdoms of air, earth, water, and fire. There is an Avatar (bald kid with tattoos on his head) who has the power to join all the kingdoms and bring peace to the earth, but those in the fire kingdom wage a battle against him and try to stop him... blah blah blah.

After watching The Last Airbender for a few minutes, I realized that it was a kids movie. The acting was flat and emotionless.The dialogue and robotic acting  was the most painful part of the movie. Some of the special effects were cool, but they just can't compensate for a bad movie.

I give The Last Airbender 4.7 stars and it's only that high because there were some previews I was able to watch at the beginning of the DVD.


MikkSolo said...

HATED IT! Was that the "Dragon thing" from the " Never Ending Story" that he rode around everywhere?

Tom said...

I agree. I wondered why they had a hybrid between a luck dragon and a platypus in that movie.

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