Wednesday, February 25, 2015


As is customary for Hollywood, rival studios regularly release similar movies each year. Last year was no exception with the release of "The Legend of Hercules" with Kellan Lutz and "Hercules" starring Dwayne Johnson. I didn't see the first one and it didn't appear to do too well, but I did finally see The Rock's version.

Let me first say that this review may be biased since I have a man crush on Johnson and think he is one of the most charismatic and entertaining guys in Hollywood these days. At first I was expecting the traditional Greek Myth version of Hercules, but I was pleasantly surprised with the direction the movie went. I suppose this is a spoiler alert, but Hercules and his companions are pretty much a group of mercenaries who are watching out for themselves while creating a legendary reputation for Hercules, but it is not due to brute strength or God like powers but rather street smarts, good promoting, and playing on other's emotions.

Despite being compared to modern day con artists, they are still the "good guys" and end up saving the day. This movie had plenty of flaws but it was still enjoyable. It has action, comedy, and Dwayne Johnson. I give Hercules 6.7 stars for it's unique take on the legend.

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