Thursday, April 16, 2015

7 Big Movies Reviewed in Haiku Form

I am way behind on movie reviews so in an effort to catch up quickly I have decided to write a Haiku for each of the following 7 blockbuster movies. These brief reviews will even make Twitter look long winded.

Cool space idea
Long but I thought it was great.
It will test your brain

8.4 Stars

Mockingjay Part 1
Hiding underground
Fighting evil President
To be continued

7.0 Stars

Hobbit-The Battle of the 5 Arrmies
Smaug made such a mess
Dwarf King has an attitude
Hobbit saves the day

7.7 Stars

Jupiter Ascending
Tatum crazy ears
Protects the heir of the Earth
Could have been much better

6.2 Stars

Taken 3
Someone killed his wife
He uses his set of skills
Milk the series dry

6.4 Stars

Furious Seven
Gang being hunted
So fake yet entertaining
Nice ending for Paul

7.1 Stars

Some of these movies were definitely better than others. Interstellar was the most thought provoking. Mockingjay was a little less entertaining than the prior installments. The Hobit was a solid sequel especially if you like Fantasy films. I was expecting more from the Wachowski brothers with Jupiter Ascending. Taken has started to lose it's appeal and is nowhere near as good as the first one. I was shocked that Furious 7 got such high ratings. It is entertaining and over the top so turn off your reality sensor when the movie starts, but I think much of the praise was due to it being Walker's last film.

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